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Sometimes it is just what it is.

Sometimes it is me.

Sometimes it is the people I love.

Sometimes it is an angel.

Sometimes it is a revelation.

Sometimes it is a prayer.

Sometimes it is burning embers.

Sometimes it is snow.

Sometimes it is a feeling.

Sometimes it is just colors.

Sometimes it is a poem.

Sometimes it is a song.

Sometimes it is all that.

All at once.

There, that's it.

ydb, washington dc, june 26, 2016




My paintings are abstract. The form of my artwork is the result of my interest in expressing and depicting the dynamics and the tension created by the juxtaposition of things that are opposite, such as:

. one vs. many

. light vs. dark

. cool vs. warm

. ascension vs. descent

. still vs. dynamic

. what is on the right vs. what is on the left

. what is above vs. what is below

. what is in the foreground vs. what is in the background

. what is visible vs. what is invisible

. the feminine quality vs. the masculine quality

I choose specific kind of lines, colors and shapes to emphasize the contrast between opposites.

Through these juxtapositions and the resulted paintings, I hope my artwork communicates to the viewers the values and the feelings we all can recognize.
I also want my paintings to speak about things such as: harmony, growth, hopes, the zeal of life and optimism, the mystery of life, unity, and diversity.

Spending 24 years of my life in Indonesia and 33 years in America greatly influences my work, both visually as well as conceptually.

Personally speaking, painting for me is an act of remembrance of all that I love.

ydb, washington dc, may 9, 2017

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